All that you have to do is visit your favorite torrent engine, get yourself the BitTorrent client and prepare to be amazed at the hundreds and even thousands of different listings that will generate right before your eyes within a matter of seconds. When it comes to deciding which one of those many different BitTorrent clients you are personally or professionally going to use for your own peer-to-peer file sharing needs, you can literally spend several hours trying to choose just one from the overwhelming amount of options that you have available.

One of the most popular options that millions of people have made the choice to give a try within the past year, however, is Torlock. Since the late Torlock downloader was just developed and released in September of 2012, it is considered to be the new kid on the block in many different ways and has not been able to gather the massive fan bases that some of the other popular clients have been able to acquire over the many years that they have been available for use online.

However, it would be very wise for you to get to know all about Torlock as soon as possible because it is clear that this particular client is going to eventually make a significant impact on the thriving world of BitTorrent clients that we have come to know and love.

What is Torlock?

Torlock application is a BitTorrent client that is created through the Java environment and utilizes an Azureus Engine. As is the case with other clients, Torlock is capable of allowing users to download different types of data that have been linked to a wide variety of available torrent files. However, the development team was able to further enhance this overall capability in a way that is foreign to several other top competitors within this industry. Users of this program can view, publish and even share their original video content, even if it is DVD and HD quality.

The content is actually presented through a wide variety of different categories and channels that include such things as movies, television programs and even video games that can be downloaded daily. Torlock even allows creative users that have the dream of becoming professional software designers and video directors to be able to make money from their work as well.

There are separate versions of Torlock that were specifically designed to cater to two different platforms. The Azureus platform-specific version supports a wide variety of features that are specific to the Azureus platform while the Classic and Azureus-specific versions support an extensive list of cross-interface features as well. What are some of these features included?

The Azureus Platform-Specific Version

Within the version that is designed specifically for the Azureus platform, users are able to share their torrents and even chat with their friends and acquaintances and receive “friend boosts” as reward incentives within the actual system. They also are provided with the ability to browse and download high quality content that could be official or even original within the Azureus network. This program also comes with an integrated system that allows you to leave advanced comments and rating of the files that are featured for downloading purposes. Along with the efficient and innovative ability to search for high quality content and even the additional perk of publishing your own content with Chillitorrent, you are also given the ability to export media directly to a wide variety of external devices so that you can enjoy these files while on the go through mobile technology.

The Classic & Azureus-Specific Versions

There are also quite a few cross-interface features that are also supported through Torlock as well. You are still able to open a wide variety of different programs and files from within the program as it will specify the maximum speed limits allowed for both uploading as well as downloading purposes. Whenever a specific tracker is not available to use, the Azureus DHT tracking system is almost immediately notified of this in order to prevent any unnecessary delay.  You can still create your own torrents throughout this system and even implement a high extent of encryption support for added security.

Super seeding has become a revolutionary element within the peer-to-peer file sharing world that most avid users look for when considering whether or not to use a specific BitTorrent client or even the Pirate Bay torrent site: So it is truly great that this is one of the many features that can be enjoyed by using this particular program. Detailed statistics and settings within this program make it easy and efficient to use and customize to match your personal preferences and there is even an integrated selective downloading priority that allows you to further enjoy the overall downloading experience.

The Efficiency of the Interface

The classic version of the Torlock interface has been highly praised and recommended by the vast majority of the people that use this software. There are just so many more simplistic features and elements that make the program much more efficient to use and operate even if you have no previous experience with working with other BitTorrent clients in the past. One of the biggest benefits that is almost noticed immediately after you start downloading files through the classic interface is that you have direct access to several key statistics that you did have not access to in previous versions.

For example, you will be able to clearly see through the graphic displays the current downloading and uploading speeds along with an estimate of how much time each of them have remaining before they are completed. The names and sizes of the files are also displayed and organized within your download directory and you are even able to explore the average and complete “swarm speeds” as well.

Making the Choice to Go with Torlock

While there are hundreds and even thousands of different BitTorrent clients that you can use for your peer-to-peer file sharing purposes, it is still highly important that you always keep your options open. New and more efficient programs, such as Torlock software, are being developed throughout each passing year and may be able to provide you with many more benefits than the client that you are currently using.